If you are just jumping up and down and feeling hyperactive, you need to calm down; you’re only feeding a buildup of excitement that it’ll be hard to come down from. Read a book. Listen to music. Whatever makes you calm down and relax.[6]

  • Read a book. It can be about Christmas, although it doesn’t really matter. Try reading a school textbook, a really boring one from your least favorite class. Read a boring book to induce sleepiness; read an exciting one to get lost in and to help take away the urgency of thinking about Christmas things. Some good non-Christmas books are Harry Potter, Twilight, School of Fear, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. They are fairly long and can keep you occupied for a while.
  • Burn a sweet-scented candle for a little while in a safe place in your room. The scent will help you to relax, particularly if you choose a scent like lavender or jasmine. Just make sure to extinguish it before you fall asleep!

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