10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jackie Chan

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jackie Chan

The great martial artist, the king stuntman, none other than Jackie Chan does not require any sort of introduction. His personality oozes out grace and humbleness despite being a renowned champion!

He’s the best actor that the film industry has ever seen. His recognition and fame spread throughout the whole globe. He started his career as a struggling actor. But, soon his magical skills made him a great actor in the Hollywood industry.

Rush Hour (1998) and Shanghai Noon (2000) were the major breakthroughs that he gave and made everyone a fan of his work.

We all know about his acclaim and fame, but what we do not know are the things that today we’ll be revealing. Here we go!

  1. His mother was an opium smuggler

Jackie Chan’s early life has been quite difficult. When he was just 7-years-old, Chan’s parents left him in order to get settled in Australia where they worked for the American Embassy. Chan stayed back in a boarding school that emphasized greatly upon performance arts.

Chan, later in his life, found quite mysterious stuff about his parents. His father, Fang Daolang, was involved in illicit criminal activities and rumors were that his father was a Nationalist spy!

His mother was arrested for smuggling opium and she also had connections with the Shanghai underworld. However, Chan reunited with his father in 2003. His mother died in 2001.

  1. His school education was exhausting

Right from his childhood, he was enrolled in a boarding school that is obviously meant to be really strict. Hence, Chan experienced a tough education where the training was mentally and physically overwhelming.

The Chinese Opera Research Institute in Hong Kong put its students through arduous training in order to prepare them for a productive career in the theater. The training included hardcore hours of singing, dancing, and martial arts.

Chan also mentioned that sometimes the sessions extended for up to 19 hours. Eventually, he was able to learn everything that made him a great martial artist.

  1. He went totally naked for an adult film

Although Chan is known for featuring in movies that bring plenty of martial arts, packed with a funny bent. There are hardly any movies that might make you uncomfortable watching them in front of your family. Nonetheless, in 1975, Chan appeared in a Hong Kong softcore feature namely, All in the Family in which he went totally unclothed.

There wasn’t any sex scene in it. At that time, Chan wasn’t much popular. But, when today some of Chan’s fans find out about this movie, they get really shocked!

Chan pointed out that he had to do anything in those years in order to make a living. Also, he mentioned that as an actor, one should not be ashamed of doing such things!

He said that even Marlon Brando exposed himself in several of his movies, so it’s no big deal!

  1. He went bowling with the great Bruce Lee

Early in Chan’s career, he appeared in two of Bruce Lee’s movies, namely, The Chinese Connection (1972) and Enter the Dragon (1973). The appearances were quite short.

A few months later, Chan was heading to a bowling alley where Bruce Lee spotted him and invited him to play together. As Lee was a superstar of that time, Chan kept on rebuffing the desperate fans of Bruce Lee who carved for his autograph.

10 days later, the heart-wrenching news of Bruce Lee’s passing away came out due to cerebral edema at the age of 32. Chan said, “I was shocked!”

  1. He rarely uses stuntmen

Jackie Chan is known to perform all minor and major stunts of his movies himself. Very occasionally a stuntman might be hired. Otherwise, it’s Chan himself who does it!

Chan himself mentioned that for his movies, stuntmen are hired just as stand-ins so whenever there is a scene of him driving or walking, the stuntmen could take his place. The boring and tedious jobs are allotted to the stuntmen, basically!

The idea to rope-in a stuntman for Chan’s movies is to make Chan rest a bit. Anyhow, Chan loves to perform every stunt out there.

Also, Chan mentioned that he asks the stuntmen to test the stunts so that he could get an idea regarding what to expect when he actually steps in!

  1. He didn’t like Rush Hour

Honestly, Jackie Chan never liked Rush Hour which is the best movie ever made! Chan is a person who loves to do all the stunts himself. But, in Rush Hour, he had limited opportunities to perform and had a constant culture battle with Chris Tucker in the movie which made the movie unappealing to Chan.

He, himself mentioned to his manager “That’s a terrible movie.”

  1. He has broken pretty much every bone present in his body

Due to the endless and highly demanding action scenes of the movies, Chan goes through a lot of dangers. It is the reason that Chan has almost broken every bone in his body. Even while learning martial arts, he experienced many injuries.

Plus, his fondness of attempting every stunt himself also hurts him badly!

His nose has been broken three times, both of his cheekbones and his skull as well have been broken! Moreover, he has broken his ankles and almost all the fingers due to the outrageous punches that galore in his movies!

  1. He’s played a policeman in several of his movies

It seems like being a policeman is what Jackie Chan adores. Hence, in most of his movies, we see Chan as a policeman, arresting, and killing the criminals with all his power and persona!

Chan also said that if he wasn’t an actor, he would possibly be a policeman in real life and we can definitely endorse that!

1985 was a beautiful year for the career of Jackie Chan as he appeared in five films as a policeman. The films were as follows:  My Lucky Stars, The Protector, My Lucky Stars 2: Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars, Heart of a Dragon, and Police Story.

Even if today, Chan decides to switch his career and become a policeman, he’ll be damn successful, thanks to his extraordinary martial arts skill!

  1. He owns two stuffed pandas, he’s really fond of

He went to Build-A-Bear workshop in London in 2010 and made two stuffed pandas that he named Chan La and Chan Zy. He’s extremely fond of these pandas and keeps asking celebrities to pose with his pandas to capture pictures.

His pandas have met Ang Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, and Bill Clinton. More of such meetings would be right on the schedule, I bet!

These pandas even accompanied Jackie Chan to the Academy Awards 2017.

  1. He has a permanent hole in his head

To be honest, when we look at the prolific career of Jackie Chan, filled with countless stunts every day, we should thank God that he is still among us and entertaining us like nothing.

But, he had a very close call while shooting 1986’s Armor of God that almost killed him!

Describing the act as “simple,” Chan swung from a tree and hit his head on a rock, which called for a surgically-inserted metal plate and a permanent, quarter-sized indentation in his skull.

Chan has always been very candid about this hole in his head. He often asks fellow celebrities or anchors to touch his head and feel the hole.

The Bottom Line

So, here we have come to an end of our list where we showed you 10 of the least-known facts about Jackie Chan. I bet, you’d never know about these things about Chan before! If you are aware of something amazing about Chan, do let us know in the comment section below!

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